It almost that time of year again. Oktoberfest and wine festivals will be kicking off again in a few weeks. Perhaps you daydream of visiting castles or cathedrals? Maybe you enjoy fantastic walks in the woods. These things are available to you with in a few miles of most locations where Americans live and work in Germany. Ask anyone ever assigned to Deutschland and most would say they would go back tonight.

With some of the most dramatic forest and medieval architecture in the world, Germany is a tourist paradise. Day cruising the 40 miles between Bingen and Koblenz along the Rhein River, you will observe and visit a castle almost every mile. Beautiful scenery, the vineyards, wines and beer, the Alps to the south, and fantastic nightlife make Germany a phenomenal place to live and work.

The question is how you get there. Training, IT and logistics positions abound, throughout most Army and Air Force locations in Germany. There are major headquarters in multiple locations, but numerous other smaller locations are scattered around the German countryside.

Finding Jobs in Germany

Currently, has over 300 job listings in Germany. Simply input your desired position(s) and mark Germany as your location. Once you find a position that is close to your skill set, apply and start trying to make connections at that location, using your current virtual professional network. You will probably be surprised how many connections you have that know people in the organizations you desire. Let’s look at several locations that provide great professional opportunities.

1. Ramstein / Kaiserslautern

This great joint location was once dubbed the largest American community outside the US. Even with that reputation, there is no friendlier place for you – with a more German experience. Close to France, the Black Forest, the Rhein, and numerous castles, you can’t beat this local for exploration. If you are a history buff, this area was once the home of the Holy Roman Empire.

Ramstein Air Force Base is the headquarters for the United States Air Force in Europe – Air Force Africa (USAFE-AFAFRICA) and NATO Allied Air Command (AIRCOM). Kaiserslautern (AKA K-Town) has many Airforce support components along with the Army’s 21st Theater Sustainment Command. A few miles away is Landstuhl, home of the largest overseas military hospital in the world.

Logistics analysist, Intelligence, IT, health care workers, mechanics and a multitude of other staff positions are available in Ramstein and Kaiserslautern. Working with either the Army or Air Force is possible, with defense contractors like General Dynamics, Amentum, Booz Alen currently advertising numerous positional offerings such as maintenance, common operating picture (COP) management, IT and cybersecurity. This is a great first location when thinking about an job overseas.

2. Stuttgart

Using high-speed autobahn, Stuttgart is about 90 minutes north of the Alps. Adjacent to Bavaria, Stuttgart, is the capital of southwest Germany state of Baden-Württemberg. This location is fantastic for exploring the sights, sounds and culinary delights of Germany. You can easily ski and return home on the same day.

Special Operations Command Europe, United States Africa Command (AFRICOM), and United States European Command (EUCOM) are all headquartered in Stuttgart. On you will find open staff and support positions like ManTech’s Computer Network Defense Intrusion Analyst and GDIT’s Information Security Analyst. CACI has current offerings with computer lab technicians and managers. Support roles are consistently opening in this enduring overseas German-American community.

3. Wiesbaden

The town of baths is famous for its hot springs. Wiesbaden is one of the oldest spa towns in Europe. The spa and casino are renown, but so are the local cathedrals and the nearby castles situated along the Rhein. You will never run out of things to see and do in this idyllic city setting.

Ten years ago, the US Army European Headquarters (USAREUR) moved from Heidelberg into new facilities in Wiesbaden, bringing many jobs with them. There is plenty of work at this location with numerous jobs for your skills in logistics and IT. Currently, SOS International is hiring cybersecurity analysists, GDIT is looking for security information specialist specialists, Avantus Federal is desiring Data Analyst among other cybersecurity specialists.

Is Germany Right for You?

Germany is not for everyone. You must like moist weather and be willing to put up with cooler temperatures during your outdoor experiences. However, finding a job and working here can easily become a reality – not just a dream – if you truly desire a German experience.

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