With travel restrictions finally lifting in many cases and moving becoming easier, some security clearance applicants are wondering if now is the time to take their cleared career dreams abroad. ClearanceJobs has hundreds of cleared OCONUS job listings, and there are thousands of overseas career opportunities available across the government and private sector. A few countries are particularly ‘hot’ when it comes to cleared careers, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking working OCONUS means serving in a force protection role in a combat zone. From doing finance in Belgium to risk management in Australia or test and evaluation in the Bahamas – overseas careers can take you to a variety of locations, serving a variety of missions.

What to Consider When Working Overseas

A specific questioner asked how much remote work would be available overseas. Depending on how you take that question, you may be wondering a couple of things:

  1. If I take an OCONUS job, will I be able to telework/work hybrid?
  2. Can I take my cleared job that I have hear in the U.S., and start working from another country?

Tackling the first question, just as many U.S. based companies have taken on some form of hybrid or telework, cleared offices in OCONUS locations also offer some form of remote work in many cases. The 100% remote OCONUS position would likely be rare – but never say never. When connecting with recruiters, be clear about what you’re looking for in the balance between remote work and in-office time, and make sure you’re clear where and how you’ll be working.

On the other side of the coin, if you’re working in a 100% remote cleared role here in the states, you may be asking if today is the day you can finally pack up your laptop and work from Turks and Caicos. The ‘will work from anywhere’ vibe remains hot, but if you support national security work you will want to be particularly cognizant of any workplace restrictions and requirements. Just because you don’t need to go into an office doesn’t mean you may not need to be accessible to one. And with foreign travel reporting requirements in affect, don’t think you can just pack up your laptop on remote work days and travel to any location you’d like. Just because you have wifi doesn’t mean your cleared employer is okay with the remote work location you find yourself in. Report any travel or possible moves prior to booking.

Flexibility is more possible than ever, and if adventure is calling, there is a good chance you can take your cleared career with you. Consider all of the options, and pursue the one that is the best fit for your country, cultural and career goals.

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