Booz Allen will help you transition into your next opportunity. They have a dedicated military recruiting team to help transitioning military members find a new home at Booz Allen.

Q&A Insights from the MIlitary Recruiting Team

Read their tips for military and veteran job seekers in the Q&A below.

Q: What are you looking for when hiring military talent into Booz Allen?

Victoria Pich: Besides specific functional or technical expertise, we’re looking for solid communication skills, leadership, adaptability to change, and ability to work in a matrixed environment under minimal supervision.

Debbie Cote: We’re looking for candidates with strong work ethics and integrity. We want people who not only have knowledge but are also a fit for Booz Allen’s culture.

Megan Spillars: Our clients’ missions tend to require specific technical skills or certifications, but we also look for military talent that exemplifies the firm’s values including ingenuity, integrity, and leadership.

George Bernloehr: We’re looking for applicants who have similar values as Booz Allen, coupled with high learning agility. These values and the ability to learn fast and make a positive impact are key to a successful career at Booz Allen.

Q: When you think of top performers at Booz Allen who have served in the military, what characteristics really stand out?

Victoria Pich: Strong work ethic, passion to continue the mission, collaboration, knowledge transfer, the ability to take on new challenges, and strong interpersonal communications skills.

Debbie Cote: Honesty and integrity, determination, dedication, self-motivation, and being a team player.

Megan Spillars: Strong communication skills, professionalism, technical expertise, and willingness to learn and grow.

George Bernloehr: Leadership, collaboration, team focus, learning agility, dedication, mission-first outlook, and work ethic.

Q: What steps should someone take to have a successful post-military career?

Victoria Pich: Network, network, network! Continue to leverage all of your existing relationships and continue to build new ones. It’s people who will help you determine the next steps in your career.

Debbie Cote: Keep expectations realistic, attend networking events, and obtain certifications for the path that you want to pursue.

Megan Spillars: Consider pursuing the skills, expertise, and certifications that are needed by the firm that also support your interests. Network as much as possible and make sure your values are in line with the organization’s.

George Bernloehr: Take the time to learn about industries in which you’re interested. Work to grow your network and develop professionally so that you can chart the career path you want.

Q: What’s your best resume tip for transitioning military?

Victoria Pich: Translate your resume from military to civilian terminology and do not use abbreviations. Ensure any active clearance is stated. Share your total years of military experience—even if it’s not relevant to the specific role you’re applying for—to illustrate your timeline in the military and your career path. Lastly, keep your resume length to three pages maximum.

Debbie Cote: Don’t try too hard to civilianize your resume; companies who hire veterans often speak your language. During interviews, keep your answers concise. This is one of the most important pieces of feedback when candidates don’t get selected for a position.

Megan Spillars: Clearly note your clearance level, any certifications, and technical skills. Be concise and use quantitative metrics to show the impact you’ve made in previous roles.

George Bernloehr: “Easy-to-read resumes get read.” This guidance has held true for the 20+ years I’ve served in talent acquisition. Share your entire military experience but work to keep things concise. Use quantifiable and measurable bullets to highlight your accomplishments and impact in the jobs you’ve had.

Q: Do you have any advice for transitioning military members when attending a career fair or job networking event?

Victoria Pich: Have your 20-second elevator pitch ready for when you arrive at a career fair. Let the recruiter know what type of position you’re looking for, locations of interest, and any clearance you may have. Come prepared with knowledge about the company and what roles you are interested in. The more information you have, the easier the conversation will be. And don’t forget to ask about next steps.

Debbie Cote: Come prepared with knowledge about the company you’re interested in, as well as its culture, to make sure you would be a strong fit. Be able to discuss what type of positions you’re interested in and how your previous experience will align with that role. Make sure you have an updated resume with you to share with the team. Be able to discuss location preferences and have a list of questions that you would like answered, too.

Megan Spillars: Research the organization and identify specific roles that interest you in advance of the event. Be able to translate the work that you did in the military to the job description that you’re applying to.

George Bernloehr: Be prepared with a quick “elevator speech” so that you can help recruiters understand your experience and interests. Make the most of your time at the event and engage every participating company attending—make no assumptions about what jobs may be available. Explore, engage, and learn.

Q: What do you love most about working at Booz Allen?

Victoria Pich: I love talking with transitioning military members and veterans about the next step in their career, which can be scary after many years in the military. I help them identify opportunities and field questions about transitioning, resume writing, interview skills, and more. I love that I can help in some small way and give back to those who have put their lives on the line for the nation’s freedom and safety. Secondly, I love the people here—amazing, talented, smart, and collaborative workers. There’s no other place like it!

Debbie Cote: The people—it’s great to come to work every day surrounded by world-class superstars.

Megan Spillars: It’s gratifying to work for a company that’s well respected by both our clients and employees. We have the stability and reputation that comes with a 100+-year-old firm, but we’re constantly innovating and adapting to the latest technologies. It’s exciting to be a part of that.

George Bernloehr: Without a doubt, it’s the people. We genuinely enjoy working together on missions that help make the country—and the world—better.

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MEET THE Booz Allen Military Recruiting TEAM

George Bernloehr

Role: Military Recruiting Lead

Military Affiliation: Navy

Debbie Cote

Role: Military Recruiter

Military Affiliation: Air Force Family

Victoria Pich

Role: Military Recruiter

Military Affiliation: Spouse of Army Veteran

Megan Spillars

Role: Senior Military Recruiter

Military Affiliation: Military Family


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