The CIA keeps pushing to improve their hiring process. While it’s important to carefully vet applicants, the CIA has long understood the barrier that the hiring process has been over the years. The security clearance process may not change. And suitability requirements may stay the same, but the Agency continues to find ways to make the hiring process better. They also keep working on their retention strategy, hiring a wellness officer and opening a wellness facility for their staff.

Last week, the CIA announced their new hiring portal. It’s a way for interested candidates to submit their resume and select up to four jobs they want. Candidates can also spell out why they’d be a good fit and get a foot in the door. While CIA recruiters still screen candidates to see if they match, it allows candidates to express interest and get the ball rolling without the full application process.

Layoffs: AMAzon

Amazon continues the push to cut costs, slashing thousands of jobs. While the company, along with others, ramped up hiring to meet the follow on demands of the pandemic, it’s time to get ahead of the recession curve. Specifically, growth that has come from their cloud division isn’t bringing the same profit margins as before.

“Between the reductions we made in November and the ones we’re sharing today, we plan to eliminate just over 18,000 roles,” Amazon Chief Executive Officer Andy Jassy shared in a blog post last week. Amazon says that impacted employees will start to be notified on January 18.

Hiring: Leidos

In 2022, recruiters searched for some cleared candidates more than others. It’s true that where there’s a job function that can support the federal government, there’s potential for cleared work. However, some jobs are more highly recruited than others in national security. It’s no surprise that recruiters were on the hunt most for software and systems engineers. You can check out the full top 10 list on ClearanceJobs to see what other jobs made it. We’ll see if 2023 holds the same or if others move up the list.

One company hiring cleared talent is Leidos. From contracts looking for cleared janitors to software engineers, there are almost 2,000 open, cleared jobs available – and many in tech fields.

Cleared Employer at Work: Clearancejobs

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Opportunity to Watch

Both Peraton and CACI announced the $2.25 billion award with the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) for background investigative fieldwork. Following the Government Accountability Office (GAO) denial for Paragon’s bid protest, both Peraton and CACI announced their award late last week.

“As the incumbent for this contract and bringing over 19 years of experience as the leading industry provider, Peraton is proud to continue our relationship with the largest cleared network of nationwide background investigator services,” said Stu Shea, chairman, president, CEO of Peraton. “This award is a testament of our continued partnership to enhance DSCA’s mission success and provide comprehensive background investigation support services.”

John Mengucci, CACI President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “CACI brings more than 17 years of experience in conducting background investigations to DCSA. Our tenured background investigators are the first line of defense in identifying threats to our national security and preventing infiltration of our government facilities. CACI’s support is crucial to securing the trustworthiness and integrity of the U.S. Government’s workforce.”

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