From Colorado’s rugged mountains to SoCal’s sandy beaches, the Western landscape is truly breathtaking. But beyond its natural beauty, the West also offers cleared workers a wealth of opportunities. So if you’re dreaming of a life out west, here are a few things to consider.

Cleared Job Opportunities

The West is known for its cutting-edge research and output of technological advancements. Cleared workers in aerospace engineering, cybersecurity, intelligence analysis, and data science have the opportunity to work at renowned research institutions, national laboratories, and defense-focused organizations.

Prominent Employers in the West

In addition to numerous military bases and federal agencies, the West is home to titans of the defense and aerospace sectors. Companies like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and SpaceX have a strong presence in the region.

Cleared Jobs Salaries

Cleared workers in the West can expect competitive salaries, with earnings higher in states like California, which have higher costs of living. States with lower costs of living, like Idaho and Nevada, earn less on average. In 2023, salaries range from $91,342 on the low end in Idaho and $109,840 on the high end in California.

Why the West is Right for Cleared Workers

The West offers a high quality of life with high-paying jobs to match. The region showcases unparalleled natural beauty, and its cities are rich in history and culture. And with the West’s embrace of innovation, it’s an ideal place for cleared workers looking to contribute to groundbreaking projects that shape the nation’s security and technological advancements. For the latest job openings out west, visit our site.

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