National security, defense, and our country’s evolution hinge on citizens to pursue and obtain security clearances. While being entrusted with the nation’s most sensitive information serves a purpose much greater than our own individual pursuits, possessing a clearance sets you a part in today’s challenging job market. So, whether you’re looking to obtain one or need a reminder of why the cleared life is for you, here’s how holding a clearance gives your career an edge.


Cleared positions are often more stable than those in the commercial market. Whether you’re working for a government agency or defense contractor, organizations are constantly looking for cleared candidates to fill the positions vital to national security. As long as you commit to living within the bounds of clearance eligibility, in today’s ever-changing job market, a security clearance equals peace of mind.


One of the perks for clearance holders is the potential for significantly higher compensation depending on the position. Due to the small candidate pool, cleared professionals are in high demand across various sectors. Employers offer competitive salaries and generous benefits packages to attract and retain top talent. According to last year’s Compensation Report, the average cleared salary is over $108,000. Additionally, individuals with clearances qualify for specialized roles that command premium pay, further enhancing their earning potential.

New Opportunities

Possessing a security clearance opens doors to an array of new and exciting career opportunities. Whether you’re interested in cybersecurity, intelligence analysis, or aerospace, there are endless possibilities for cleared professionals to explore. This flexibility empowers individuals to continually seek out roles that align with their interests, skills, and long-term career goals.

If you’re currently on the long and winding road of obtaining a security clearance or need a reaffirmation of its value, remember the unique benefits a cleared career provides. And for all things security and defense, visit us over at ClearanceJobs.

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