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In a recent post, NASA advertised their rigorous two-year astronaut training program, designed to equip candidates with essential skills for space missions. From mastering spacewalking and robotics to fostering leadership and teamwork abilities, trainees will undergo comprehensive preparation. Upon completion, they’ll join the active astronaut corps, awaiting their assignments for spaceflight missions. In the interim, they’ll contribute to ongoing projects within the astronaut office, providing crucial support and expertise.

Layoffs: SAS

SAS, the Cary-based software analytics giant, has confirmed layoffs within its retail solutions division, marking another restructuring move in its evolving organizational strategy. While the exact number of employees affected remains undisclosed, the company emphasizes its continued focus on aligning talent with corporate priorities. Amidst these changes, SAS is intensifying its efforts in artificial intelligence, a move with potentially far-reaching implications beyond the Triangle. As SAS navigates these shifts, speculation arises about the company’s potential IPO next year, with its substantial annual sales and extensive Fortune 100 clientele underscoring its prominent position in the industry.

Hiring: PeopleTec

PeopleTec is hiring Learning Engineers and AI Innovators to support their efforts in revolutionizing defense training. As technology evolves rapidly, the company aims to stay ahead by integrating new technology into immersive learning. This initiative reflects a broader trend in defense industries towards incorporating cutting-edge innovations to enhance military preparedness. With a focus on adaptability and readiness, PeopleTec invites professionals to join their efforts in shaping the future of defense training.

Cleared Employer at Work: Boeing

Your ideas can help protect the world. Join Boeing and do work that’s crucial to national security. We’re hiring in St Louis and other cities across the U.S. Relocation assistance may be available. Explore our opportunities.

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Opportunity to Watch

Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) has clinched a substantial $444 million contract to bolster the U.S. Space Force’s Digital Transformation, Acquisition, Modernization, and Modification (DTAMM) initiatives for Space Systems Command and Space Launch Deltas (SLDs) 30 and 45. This contract, aimed at enhancing spaceport efficiency and strengthening space launch range instrumentation, signifies SAIC’s pivotal role in advancing national space priorities. With a focus on fortifying resilience and crew safety across key space ranges in Florida, California, and beyond, SAIC, alongside industry-leading partners, is poised to propel the future of space exploration and innovation.

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