In mentorship programs, 25% of mentored employees experienced salary grade changes, compared to just 5% among non-participants. Furthermore, DEI mentorship programs are credited by 80% of employees for fostering inclusivity, skill development, and sponsorship.

Career development expert Janice Omadeke, who was one of the first 100 Black women in the United States to raise over $1M in seed funding for a tech startup, joins the podcast to dive further into the benefits for mentorship programs— for both the employer and employees.

Drawing from her forthcoming book, Mentorship Unlocked: The Science and Art of Setting Yourself Up for Success and from her own experience in the defense contracting space, Janice discusses the unwritten rules of working for a contractor and how having a mentor while navigating the old boys club was critical.

But finding a mentor was no piece of cake and finding the right one takes self reflection and awareness. Janice says, “If you’re only focused on the shininess of someone’s title, you could be missing out on a really engaging relationship.“ People may miss out on other leaders that are more accessible and really could catapult you into the next step up in your career. In this episode, Janice also touches on:

  • Reasons your company should adopt a mentorship program
  • The importance of building mentorship programming that helps BOTH parties— not just one
  • Things to consider when building out a new mentorship program or revamping an existing one
  • Matching mentors with mentees: The dos and don’ts
  • The benefits of mentorship for employees
  • Debunking myths associated with mentorship

Janice also draws from her personal experience, specifically with The Mentor Method, an enterprise software she created that transforms company culture through mentorship.

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