When you hear the word “plateau,” your mind probably jumps to topics like weight loss, sports training, or exercise. It’s almost impossible not to instantly think of these topics when weight loss pills or detoxes are constantly being advertised all over social media and TV. What isn’t being advertised are the plateaus that Americans all over the country are experiencing in their own careers. In a world recovering from a pandemic, these plateaus have taken on all sorts of forms within the last few years.

While that might feel daunting, this quiz can provide some invaluable ideas and prompts for helping you to redeem your career plateau. Even if you aren’t experiencing a plateau yourself, Test Your Knowledge to motivate and help a friend who is going through one.

Frequently, the lead-ups to plateaus can be so subtle and gradual that an employee may not even realize that they’re in the midst of a dull season. Be it from new management entering and usurping tasks that you once had to your job title changing altogether due to budget cuts, or even the presence of technological advancements replacing duties you once did yourself, career plateaus are a very real reality. 

As opposed to the negative connotations associated with weight loss plateaus, however, career plateaus aren’t always a sign of hopelessness. For many, a plateau may wind up being a much-needed sign that a routine needs to be switched up or that an your professional life is unsustainable. While many in the workforce will do just about anything to squash any signs of their career becoming static, plateaus can help point out current habits that are faulty or in need of freshening up. Instead of just thinking about how to tread through the plateau, it’s significantly more beneficial to self-reflect on how you can use the plateau to propel your career forward past where it was before.

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