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Hemp, CBD Oil and Your Security Clearance

Rick Docksai / Dec 5, 2018

Federal law still officially prohibits CBD oil along with marijuana. So, if you’re looking for a remedy for your arthritis, you’d best stick to the ones that are FDA- and DEA-approved.

What Blockchain Can – and Can’t – Do for Government IT Security

Rick Docksai / Nov 20, 2018

Federal agencies looking for new ways to protect their sensitive data from the bad guys see tremendous potential in an up-and-coming encryption platform that was born in the legally murky world of Bitcoin.

The Disappointing Truth about Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Rick Docksai / Oct 2, 2018

The federal government’s Public Service Loan Forgiveness has received scathing news coverage lately, and understandably so. The program has approved loan forgiveness for less than 1% of applicants – and no one knows why.

In Spite of the President, Federal Employees May Get a Pay Raise After All

Rick Docksai / Sep 24, 2018

With rising wages outside of government, record unemployment, and sinking morale within the federal workforce, the president may be forced to reconsider his federal pay freeze.

Continuous Evaluation System Aims to Streamline Security Clearance Investigations

Rick Docksai / Sep 7, 2018

DoD’s new clearance administration will use a continuous evaluation system that will routinely check court proceedings, bank and credit bureau records, and other open-source data to look for signs that a current clearance holder may be a security risk.