Government and industry will continue to play pivotal roles in improving cybersecurity, access and infrastructure, according to the White House’s International Strategy for Cyberspace, unveiled yesterday at a White House press conference.

Light on specifics, the strategy outlined broad goals for the future of the Internet across the globe, including a demand for accessibility and the need to balance security with openness.

“States do not, and should not have to choose between the free flow of information and the security of their networks,: the strategy stated. “The best cybersecurity solutions are dynamic and adaptable, with minimal impact on network performance. These tools secure systems without crippling innovation, suppressing freedom of expression or association, or impeding global interoperability.”

The strategy outlined the importance of network security but did not place responsibility solely in technical hands but rather outlined the importance of global partnerships and the need to incentivize network reliability while investing in infrastructure.

International norms were cited as the means for encouraging cybersecurity across international boundaries. The norms provide a “basic roadmap” for states to consider broadly. Promoting innovative markets and protecting intellectual capital was also outlined. The strategy promised:

  • A commitment to a free-trade cybersecurity environment
  • Protecting intellectual property, including industry trade secrets, from theft
  • A public-private partnership to develop technical standards, determined by experts  

The White House also beefed up its promise to other nations in assisting with cybersecurity challenges, including establishing Computer Emergency Readiness Teams (CERTs) to help fight global cybersecurity challenges. The strategy encouraged information sharing across government and industry, particularly concerning cyber threats, and promised voluntary government assistance for industries battling a cyber intrusion.

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