Today’s tech professionals are looking for opportunities to be challenged and motivated by their work. But in order to feel like they’re succeeding, they need opportunities to advance and grow within their own companies. This is where General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) is leading the industry in upward mobility for its employees. They’ve created a whole team specifically dedicated to making sure employees have opportunities to move within the organization.

“We actually have an internal mobility team,” explains Cheryl Garrison, Vice President of Talent Mobility. Whether it’s a contract coming to an end and finding that next opportunity for those employees – or for those employees who are ready to raise their hand for the next move. So we’re very proud of that. We believe it’s a differentiator and it really is a statement to how committed we are to the mobility of our employees.”

Internal mobility means that the uncertainty of government contracting or defense budgets doesn’t mean you need to feel uncertain about your career potential. It also allows employees to put new skills to work immediately rather than waiting for the next promotion or contract announcement.

Women+Tech, Employee Resource Groups, and Emerging Tech Day – Opportunities to Learn

In addition to giving employees opportunities to change their positions within the company, GDIT offers professional development that fosters diversity and keeps employees on the cutting edge of their fields. “We have an emerging tech day at GDIT that not only allows us to see the latest technology, but to meet with the vendors and get live demos and evaluate their technology in order to meet the government’s mission” Said Nisa McCarter Moore, Vice President of Supply Chain Management.

GDIT is also actively working to increase opportunities for women in STEM positions.

“GDIT has such a commitment to supporting professional women in the workplace,” Garrison explains. “So recently GDIT hosted a Women+Technology event and it was so exciting. It was a day full of really impressive speakers, lots of really powerful discussions…We want to show that there are opportunities for women in our company.”

These are just a few ways  tech professionals can be educated, network, and advance their careers – all while staying at GDIT. And being around this growth is not only personally satisfying, but creates an environment where people are rooting for each other to succeed. “I’m excited each and every day to get up and work with people that I’ve gotten to know over the years and watch them grow as I’ve been given the opportunity to grow,” Said Joyce Jenkins-Harden, Operations Director of DISA and Enterprise Services, Defense Division.

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