Rising powers are boosting their military capabilities, our adversaries are testing missiles, and rogue nations are creating radioactive “dirty bombs.” As we defend the U.S. against potential attacks with these life-threatening weapons, the right people are a necessary ingredient to our success. 

Making the Military Transition with a Missile Systems Testing Position

While there are many career opportunities including program management, research and development, business administration, and much more in the missile field, the test and evaluation engineering teams are a great fit for military personnel who decide to pivot to a new role from the air and missile defense crew. 

Was your MOS in the US Army 14S? Were you classified as AFSC 2M0X2 in the US Air Force? Missile defense is an ongoing need for the DoD, and Missile Systems Engineers are an integral part to combating and testing these weapons – and using your GI Bill to obtain a new skillset through schooling can make you a shoe in for these roles.  

Narrowing your search

Usually, these positions are defined as Systems Engineers or Missile Systems Test & Evaluation SMEs. As a part of the missile systems testing team, individuals provide systems engineering and developmental test and evaluation support and demonstrate expertise in applying formal systems engineering practices and quality control methods to complex missiles. Having the experience in operating these complex systems in the military is a huge plus, and a bachelor’s degree in a scientific, engineering or other technical discipline is usually required. 

Engineering integration, test strategy, analysis of alternatives, kill chain analysis, reduction of attack opportunities, and strengthening of weapon cyber capabilities are some of the other buzzwords you can find in missile testing job description. Tools can include THAAD, GMD, or C2BMC which integrate and synchronize autonomous sensor or weapon systems. 

A great agency to search for contract or cleared career opportunities is the Missile Defense Agency: the DoD component that is responsible for developing a layered defense against ballistic missiles. 

Check out our Missile Systems Testing resume sample.





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