Cleared candidates have plenty of options when it comes to places to work. Choosing to work for a large company or a small one, living in a city in the mountains or closer to a beach, or choosing to commute to work or work remotely are just some of the choices you may have as a cleared candidate. Roxanne Wood, CEO of Boeing Intelligence & Analytics , thinks Boeing has a lot to offer to cleared candidates looking for a job. We sat down with her to discuss why Boeing is a great place to work.

One reason was that veterans make up a large percentage of Boeing’s workforce. In fact, over fifteen percent of Boeing’s workforce is made up of veterans. That means over 20,000 veterans have chosen to continue their mission while transitioning to the private sector with Boeing.

Along with its dedication to veterans, Boeing’s size and variety of work make it an ideal company to work for. “You can work in corporate, global sales and marketing, with commercial planes, in defense and security, autonomous vehicles, cyber fields. You can just do so many things. It’s not just Boeing, either. Boeing has lots of subsidiaries and you can bounce back and forth between those subsidiaries as well,” explained Roxanne.

A surprising fact about Boeing is its commitment to environmental initiatives. “You don’t hear about it a lot, but Boeing is very committed to building a better planet through environmental stewardship,” said Roxanne. Boeing’s commitment to environmental sustainability includes conservation, research, and innovation of environmental initiatives.

Another reason Boeing is a great place to work is its commitment to diversity. “Equity, diversity, and inclusion are valued at every level of Boeing. It’s a very welcoming, respectful, and engaging environment, one that’s great for fostering innovation and developing careers,” Roxanne said.

People feel valued when they’re listened to, and Boeing’s leadership values and rewards innovation and ideas from employees throughout the company. “From myself, all the way up to David Calhoun (the President of Boeing), we like to hear what your thoughts are on strategy and what is good for the business,” said Roxanne.

While many factors go into making Boeing a great place to work, they can be summed up by saying that Boeing values its employees with more than just words. From the benefits packages, the diversity and inclusion initiatives, to their commitment to veterans and the environment, each of these underscores the value Boeing places on each and every employee, no matter which part of the company they’re working for.

To learn more about working for Boeing and how Boeing can work for you, check out their job openings.

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