The concern with inflation is real as another tech giant like Zoom joins the long list of technology firms trying to manage layoffs when the economy is on shaky ground.

Zoom gained millions of users overnight in response to COVID-19, and in April of 2020, was also scrutinized by the government about counterintelligence issues. Zoom is now giving back to national security community in the form of 1,300 candidates to staff your open programs.

Zoom cutting their workforce can be attributed to the slowdown in commercial telework after the surge during COVID-19. The global demand for communications software was high after the lockdown (even though we were concerned about Zoom at one point), which encouraged many to hire more across the board. Some have continued with this remote model, and others just can’t operate fully in this environment. Currently, numerous companies are laying people off as COVID responses diminish, and people are tightening their grips in case the recession goes full force.

Within 24 months after the pandemic, Zoom grew three times in size to manage the demand. Not surprisingly, tech recruiters tried to pull from the national security industry talent pool to grow their cybersecurity or insider threat programs. And were successful in many instances.

Now, we have 1,300 candidates (both cleared and uncleared) entering the tech market, and again, it is time for the chomping-at-the-bit recruiters to scoop up some fresh tech talent.

For those that could be cleared – start the conversation, and hopefully, you’ve made employer branding a priority as of late. For those without a clearance, you’re in a great position to make a case to sponsor an applicant with what the current processing times are.


Use that Boolean search to your advantage and reach those recently laid off candidates before the next recruiter. Be sure to include “ZOOM” in your Boolean searches so you capture candidates who have previously worked there, including “CLEARANCE” as well so you can find the potentially cleared candidates first.


Refresh your ClearanceJobs profile and start the conversation on social media (lightly, and abiding by OPSEC guidelines). Likely, your security clearance is active thanks to Continuous Evaluation if you’ve joined Zoom (or another tech giant) recently, and it should be a seamless transition back into the national security industry. It’s a place that doesn’t seem to be on shaky ground at all in the current economy.



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