What’s an easy way to obtain a security clearance? How can you make six figures in government contracting? What are the best ways to navigate the cleared job search, whether cleared or uncleared?

The Security Clearance Careers Podcast was joined by Symoné B. “Beez” who has an incredible and inspiring story. She’s a 16-year-old tech prodigy, who broke into the industry and now earns over $225k a year. We explore her journey and learn about the hard work and determination that led to her success in the government industry. Tune in to hear about some of those tricks and some myths that need debunking.

From an internship at 16 with Telos, to supporting the Air Force Civilian Service, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon to name a few contractors, Symoné was able to turn an internship as a material handler at the Secret clearance level to a fulfilling career as an engineer with a higher clearance, and an even higher salary.

While Symoné didn’t gain a security clearance through the military, her father served in the Air Force and encouraged her to turn a video gaming hobby into a successful livelihood – from the time she was 16 getting her CCNA to landing an internship with an intelligence agency’s bank, to now supporting a GovTech company as a remote employee.


“Be willing to move to the locations that candidates don’t want to move to,” Symoné notes. While it won’t mean living in an unattractive area forever, making a short-term sacrifice will allow you to get your foot in the door, gain the clearance, and eventually put you in a dream job and location.

Another tactic Symoné notes is to be willing to take the lower-level clearance. Starting your cleared job search finding a contractor that is willing to sponsor a TS / SCI will take more time and cost a company more as a billet remains vacant.

Symoné has been able to gain flexibility / and work from home in this world. But she advises that you must be willing to accept hybrid work initially.

For more tips on convincing a company to sponsor you and increase your earing value, follow Symoné on Twitter, Instagram or her YouTube channel. You’ll get golden nuggets of advice on how to land a six-figure job in GovTech.

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