National security relies heavily on engineers. While no one person or job is better than another, engineers play a key role in propelling society forward. And when it comes to working as an engineer with a security clearance, there are a lot of great opportunities. You just have to find your best fit. 

3 Key Cleared Jobs for Engineers

Chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, and systems engineers all serve a unique purpose, and without their expertise, our modern world would cease to exist. But when it comes to national security in 2023, a few engineering jobs stand out from the crowd. So, here are three key cleared jobs for engineers.

1. Systems Engineer

These engineers live in the digital world, ensuring the programs and systems used by government agencies and contracts are safe, secure and operating at peak performance. Since the start of the war in Ukraine a year ago, cyber attacks have rapidly increased. These engineers are crucial, as they constantly monitor, improve, and defend the systems that keep our country online.

2. DevOps Engineer

Most engineers are inventors at their core, but those working in DevOps are developing technology we’ll rely on in the future. Cleared DevOps engineers are responsible for designing, testing and implementing the technologies of tomorrow, ensuring the U.S. keeps up with the rapid technological progress of the 21st century.

3. Environmental Engineer

Armed with the knowledge of humanity’s impact on our environment, these engineers use their expertise to complete Environmental Impact Analyses and ensure compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act.

Engineering Pays in National Security

The value engineers provide is reflected in the field’s popularity and compensation, with four engineering positions making the list of the most popular cleared jobs in 2023 and average salaries surpassing $100,000. Visit our site for your next cleared job in engineering.

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