“The great thing about AI is that it is not human.” –Michael Gibbs

Customer-facing roles. Architects. Engineers who have irreplaceable communication. Sales reps. Business development leaders. Cloud security professionals. The goal is to evaluate your current job and truly recognize if AI could do it – or if it requires that human touch.

The Security Clearance Careers Podcast hosts Cloud Computing and IT Security Expert Michael Gibbs, the CEO of Go Cloud Careers. In 2013, after a successful career with Cisco Systems, he founded Go Cloud Careers, an educational organization focused on helping individuals achieve their dream technology career.

Common questions from professionals outside technology are “How can I prevent AI from replacing my job and leave me out of work?” There are benefits of the human touch in tech jobs still, but there are some critical skills that are needed to not get replaced by AI.

Gibbs pivoted jobs himself, moving from internal medicine to technology, seeing that is where the world was going and the skills that would be needed for the future. A bulk of the ClearanceJobs audience are active-duty members transitioning soon, or veterans, who likely need to pivot from their military occupational specialty when they become a civilian. Whether this describes you, or if you are currently working in tech as an engineer, AI is the way of the future to replace monotonous tasks that were once handled by humans.

But while AI will replace jobs, it will also create them. And the trick is understanding which traits tech cannot replace.

Gibbs believes cloud architecture is a great option for those in the job market, or those that are afraid of being replaced by technology. We have thousands of cloud architect positions in the cleared space alone listed on ClearanceJobs.com, with many more available through the private or commercial sector.

For other job seekers listening, what skills are needed to not get replaced by AI? Business acumen, good communication, and other things AI will never replace.

Gibbs says, “do good work and show your team you care. That’s how you stay relevant no matter what the industry is.”

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