In the vast landscape of cybersecurity and emergency preparedness, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the nation. CISA’s heartbeat lies within its ten regional offices scattered across the country, strategically positioned in major cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Seattle. 

“As part of that regional office, we have people in every state,” Bridget Bean, CISA’s Chief Integration Officer shared. “Not just in that regional city, but we have folks in every state, all across the nation really working and serving in their communities.”   

Bean and her team are responsible for bringing together stakeholders, infrastructure owners, government officials, and community members to address pressing issues in both cyber and physical security. “In that structure of the regional office, our security advisors are really tackling the tough issues in cyber, in physical security, emergency comms and chemical security,” she shared. 

Their mission is to collect vital information, share it with partners, and collaborate with CISA headquarters to design products and services that are relevant, timely, and useful for stakeholders. “Because it’s not a question of if, but when,” Bean explained, “We’re facing increased ransomware attacks, all kinds of things that are the nontraditional 9/11 terrorist activities. We really want to work with our partners to make sure they’re taking all those precautions to best protect themselves.” 

The regional offices actively engage with partners to ensure they take precautions, develop incident response plans, and establish continuity of operations plans, allowing for a swift recovery in the face of a manmade or natural disaster. “We really do help to prepare, respond and recover from disasters regardless of the origin,” Bean said.  

CISA’s regional workforce is a driving force behind that mission. “In the regional office, you have that ability to really learn about and know every program across CISA,” she shared. Members of the regional offices take part in important conversations across the country, along with developing K-12 programs among other critical initiatives.  

“I want everybody to see themselves as a CISA employee,” Bean expressed. “There is a job here at CISA for everybody. And if people care about protecting our homeland and fighting to make sure we maintain our way of life, CISA is the place for you.”  

CISA’s regional offices stand as crucial pillars in the nation’s cybersecurity and infrastructure defense, actively engaging with communities and stakeholders to fortify the country against a spectrum of threats. 


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