Jasmine Cólon-Monge spent 18 years doing something she loved—serving her country in the U.S. Marine Corps. As she planned her retirement from active service, it was important to her that her next career be just as rewarding. 

Jasmine is one of more than 6,500 veterans, reservists, and military spouses who have found a home and a career at Booz Allen. That’s an impressive number—but why are these exceptionally skilled candidates choosing Booz Allen, and what makes them stay? During our Destination Booz Allen immersive event series, we asked several military members to find out.

1. Ability to continue the mission

For many veterans, commitment to country doesn’t end when they exit the service. Booz Allen’s history of service and ongoing commitment to the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Armed Forces clients is a way for veterans to continue the mission of serving their country in a new way. “The military serves people—and so does Booz Allen,” says Jasmine, who serves as director of military appreciation at the firm. “Coming to Booz Allen was easy for me when I saw that perspective. I’m serving the community the same way that I did in uniform.”

2. New opportunities

Once a veteran only a veteran? Not at Booz Allen. “Booz Allen doesn’t force our military and veteran candidates into one type of career path,” says George Bernloehr, a member of Booz Allen’s military recruiting team. “We hire based on the skills and the qualities of the individual, and then work with those candidates to find the career they want within Booz Allen. If it’s working with a DOD or Armed Forces client, great, but if they want to try something else—those doors are open, too.”

3. Flexibility and benefits for reservists

Major Danna Alberts wasn’t a reservist when she joined Booz Allen, but after some time out of the Air Force, she realized how much she missed it. So, she talked to her career managers about her desire to join the Air Force Reserves, prepared to hear concerns about how that might affect her career.

“I got nothing but support,” says Danna. “The work I do in uniform and out of uniform is very similar. Booz Allen values the insights and training I gain while I’m on active assignment.”

In addition, Booz Allen offers many benefits to reservists—among them differential pay for up to 12 months and continuing health and retirement benefits for the duration of an employee’s active-duty assignment.

4. Transition support

Booz Allen supports the military community through the transition from military life to civilian life—and beyond. Support programs range from mentorship opportunities to in-house military-focused community groups like the Transition Center of Excellence and the Military Spouse Network.

Jasmine notes that, at Booz Allen, there’s a built-in community. “If you’ve been in the service, you love that sense of camaraderie. We want to give plenty of opportunities for veterans to have a place they belong.”

5. Cultural understanding, not culture clash

Booz Allen was founded by a veteran and with so many military and veteran employees—there’s an immediate connection and appreciation of the skills and experiences of the military and veterans.

Jeremiah Hurley, who served for 21 years as an active-duty Army officer, notes that his work in the military directly correlates with his work at Booz Allen. “The thing that helps me is understanding from experience what we can do to make life easier for the warfighter. I can take my experiences and help inform those decisions.”


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